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Andy Wishart.

29 Sep

All I wanted to achieve was to build a photo book covering my British Army experience during the 1950’s. Seems like I got a wee bit carried away, the photo book seems to have, ‘Gone oot the windie’, as they say where I come from.¬†I am now nearing completion of my first book¬†telling of my army memoirs which I call Army Daze. I now describe myself as a ‘writer’, wooo hooo!

It’s all about what used to be called National Service in the U.K. On reaching the age of eighteen, all males were obliged to serve in the military on a conscript basis provided they were fit and healthy.However, it seems like a few batty and rather odd types managed to creep in as well. This is where I come in (not in the batty and odd category, I get to be the bright one full of great ideas and stuff, even get the woman towards the end), towards the end of what? I hear you cry.


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