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About Me

1 Oct

I am Andy Wishart, a Scottish writer presently living in Staffordshire, England.

I will soon be releasing my memoirs book covering  experiences serving The Queen of England when on active military service with a Scottish Infantry Regiment way back long ago in the 1950’s.

My book contains details of my world travels in the service of Her Majesty covering a lot of ground from U.K. to Ireland, Suez, Aden, Sri Lanka to Singapore and Malaya. “Boring”, I hear you cry. However, I will be sharing details of some of the various characters I met.There was McNichols the mad chicken guy, also ‘The Great McBain’, hypnotist and  conjurer, John the Bastard, Jungle Feet and others.

I will be relating some experiences about hauntings,what happened on ‘Bullshit Night’, also an encounter with a flatulent hooker in steamy Singapore.

Why don’t you drop by and have a wee look from time to time?

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