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My Encounter (cont)

17 Oct

My encounter (cont)

I then more or less fell on top of the waiting Chinese girl who had removed most of her clothing and was probably wondering why I was wasting time, after all, time is money in this game.

Thankfully, she was obviously more used to this activity than I was. You must appreciate I had never actually done this kind of thing before. There was no way I could rely on any of my previous experiences for guidance.

My prior experience of similar (but not quite) situations mainly included tedious wet faced kissing with my chosen, warmly dressed, girl. Shit! The only way she could be warmly dressed in wintertime Scotland was to put on layer after layer of warm, if unromantic, wool clothes which provided an obstacle course to any ideas of foreplay, hanky panky was definitely out of the question. The two of us looked like a couple of waddling teddy bears. She all wrapped like a comforting, woolly gift and me in huge but warm duffle coat with heavy sweater underneath. We clutched each other, leaning on a sturdy fence to her front garden in the middle of a freezing cold Scottish winter before I saw her safely into her house while I hobbled back home in the dark, doubled up with sexual frustration.

Sometimes I was lucky enough to take a girl to the warm picture house as we called the movie theatre back then. When the movie was over we would once again face the cold winter night when I walked her back home. One girl’s mother had a house quite close to a telephone box which was located in a fairly remote street. This particular box was not patronized very much, particularly on late and cold winter night in Scotland. We could squeeze into the old, red phone box (remember them?) and I would reach up to unscrew the light bulb, plunging us in almost darkness. There was a street light nearby which illuminated our frozen breath as it formed into clouds. How romantic.

You must remember that all this took place during the early 1950’s. Average age was about 17 nobody had their own flat or apartment in those days. It would be another decade before the great sexual revolution would start to happen in the swinging ‘60’s, perhaps the weather had improved due to global warming by then as well.

(to be continued).

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