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16 Nov

Excerpt from my forthcoming book ‘My Rock ‘n Roll Daze. Can’t help it, scribbled this the other day when I was reminiscing about the ‘old days’. There was an immediate response from my old friend Gabe in the States, however, I am sure he thought I was making it up – I was not.

‘ The winter of 1962/63 was bloody awful in snowbound Scotland that year. There was an English band touring Scotland at that time. My old friend Gerry Scott, the manager for the Border Dances company had the task to drive these four English guys to their engagements in dance halls throughout the cold North East of Scotland area.

Gerry was glad when their brief tour ended and they had headed back down to England. He told me the young English guys had a miserable time and complained they were always freezing cold, there were no heaters in commercial vans at that time. He said the guys were stealing blankets from the small hotels when they stopped  on the tour and wrapped themselves in the stolen blankets while they travelled to their various gigs.

Gerry said they were so glad when the brief tour finished and the band could escape south to England. They called themselves ‘The Silver Beatles’, odd kinda name, I sometimes wonder what became of them’.



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