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30 Mar


Did I tell you about the night when Gerry Scott and Duncan McKinnon were driving up to Inverness to check on one of their Dance Hall activities. Duncan had taken ‘a wee refreshment’ and had fallen asleep in the rear seat. After driving for a while, Gerry got a wee bit tired himself, pulled the car into a layby overlooking the North Sea, laid his head on the steering wheel and nodded off. He awoke suddenly when he heard the rear door click open and heard Duncan muttering, “Is this Inverness” ? as he tottered towards the edge of the cliff in the darkness. Gerry just managed to  stop him before he plunged over the cliff into the North Sea. Details will be found in my next book, My Rock ‘n Roll Daze, coming soon.





28 Mar


Just received the illustration from Kenny Rowlands for the new book, ‘My Rock ‘n Roll Daze’ to which I am now attempting to put the finishing touches. Actually, I am really showing off here cos I am now multi tasking which came as a bit of a surprise to me. I am writing my book AND juggling the graphics around while setting up the necessary gear for my next endeavour (British spelling varient) which will be the actual production of an audio book version of ‘My Army Daze’, all clever stuff.( I do hope you are all impressed).

The pic is about the night our boss, Duncan had a few wee refreshments at one of his own dance functions, made a rambling speech into the mic then jumped from the stage onto the floor below where his foot smashed right through the chair. Quite oblivious to the destroyed chair now wrapped round his leg, he grabbed the nearest young lady and led her off on a merry dance of his own invention. Details in forthcoming book.Image DUNCAN DANCES THE NIGHT AWAY !



22 Mar

Billy the Pik wants to know if the cover picture design for my forthcoming book, ‘MY ROCK ‘N ROLL DAZE’  is a photo of him. ‘You wish’, Billy. For a start, you will need to be a bit more hirsute.

               Image This publication will be an ideal book for all young, aspiring musicians wishing to form a rock band. It is crammed full of useful advice on marketing and selling your band. It is a MUST!

Cover design.

21 Mar



Andrew Brown of Design for Writers has done it again!! He designed the cover for My Army Daze and I bet him he could not devise an even better one for my forthcoming book, My Rock ‘n Roll Daze. Well, he has done it again. What do you guys think ?

                            Image It works for me!!



18 Mar


Billy the Pik has very kindly helped me to explore a new (new to me) teckie thingie which will enable me to improve my social networking for your delight.

I am now well into my second book describing, ‘My Rock ‘n Roll Daze’. This is a book full of the daft things and ideas we used to get up to long, long ago back in the early sixties when I was often assured that, ‘It was all happening’. Perhaps I missed something.

I was leading my own Rock ‘n Roll Band of daft Scottish guys then. We played regularly for an organisation called, Border Dances and used to do gigs from Galashiels to Dumfries and Kelso on the Scottish side of the Border, often straying over to the English side from Berwick upon Tweed to Carlisle and Hexham. The owner of Border Dances was Duncan McKinnon, a real character from Melrose.

Image  Caricature of Duncan is by Phil Lowe, my excellent lead guitarist and Billy Bunter impersonater from Edinburgh.

Shoos Bloos.

6 Mar




This is a cartoon sketch of me playing drums with Shoos Bloos Band. You will notice the puzzled look on my face. The odd look was caused when Bill (my hero) and Colin (vocals) decided to play the next number but forgot to tell me what they would be doing. I was sitting at the drums behind them and all I heard was Bill counting four beats in. I may have just failed the intelligence test guessing what the next number would be!

When in doubt, drink another pint of Lowenbrau strong lager – whoopee.



1 Mar


This illustration by my friend Kenny Rowlands, shows my daft friend, ‘Tigue’ playing his bagpipes to support (support? he was the one who had to be supported later!) my rock ‘n roll band when we played at a dance in an hotel in Edinburgh, one night long, long, ago. This took place during the ‘silly season’ (that’s my excuse). It is described in more detail in my next book, ‘My Rock ‘n Roll Daze’, coming soon. Note ‘Teddy Boy’  male dress style.




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