The stories about Duncan were legendary. I once attended a dance where a jazz band from London was playing. During the evening Duncan had a few, ‘wee refreshments’ and was in a fine state. He appeared from somewhere at back stage, grabbed the mike and decided to address the audience. He ranted and raved at the bemused audience about how Border Dances brought these bands all the way up from London and, according to Duncan, none of the audience seemed to appreciate his efforts. He was beside himself with the drink and nobody had a clue what he was babbling about. Suddenly, he stopped talking, replaced the mike on the stand and commanded the band to start playing. The band had been standing there wondering what all the fuss was about but they quickly took the lead from Duncan and started to play again. Duncan jumped from the stage down to the floor, completely oblivious that there was quite a long drop to the dance floor. One foot smashed through the seat of a cane back chair, he immediately grabbed a startled young lady who was sitting on the next chair and whisked her away on a merry kind of dance of his own invention, quite unaware that one leg was still encased inside the now seatless chair, He was feeling no pain, as they say. I actually witnessed this gem from Duncan, although it took me a while to stop laughing. 


More details about Duncan will be revealed in my forthcoming book, ‘My Rock ‘n Roll Daze’ to be released soon.                             



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