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31 Jul



I sent a message to Billy the Pik on monday but it seems to have disappeared into a black void. I used Facebook where I have created my own area of mis-rule which may explain things.

I was merely enquiring about your daughter’s wedding last saturday and hoping everything went well for her and also for both Jo and you.

I also mentioned in a quiet kinda way that I had girded my loins and was preparing to attack the audio thingie after a little break to enjoy the rare sunshine in these parts.

I have had an idea (Oh shite, he’s had an idea) and thought it would be a good thing to have some suitable background music during the introduction to the audiobook.

I realise that you have a varied musical background and I was wondering if you included playing the bagpipes on your list of achievements with musical instruments.

I realise your nationality does not really fit, however, I am prepared to overlook that for old times sake. You could play a stirring march tune on the pipes that would inspire the wild mountain men to dig their claymores from their hidden places in the thatch and march southwards over the hills and preferably, far away.

Bear in mind that the story is about a young Scottish soldier (being recorded by an old Scottish soldier) leaving home, bound for foreign parts to serve on active service in a Scottish Infantry Regiment for The Queen of England. Stirring stuff eh?

Does this sound like something you could rise to? (pause for laughs).

Have a wee think and I will see you later.




28 Jul


Shock – Horror.
Andy, having failed to make it to the big time in the music business, steals food from a starving orphan.

Back to nature.

23 Jul


I had a sharp reminder of my Colorado Daze yesterday. I had been to the grocery shop where my car was left nice and neatly in the British style parked under a rather unusual blue sky in bright sunshine. I slid back into the drivers seat and gripped the steering wheel, ‘Ouch’!! The wheel was red hot, this could not possibly be Staffordshire. I had learned the hard way in Colorado never to touch the steering wheel after leaving the car parked outside in the merciless summer sun in Denver which, as every schoolboy knows, is located right on the edge of the great American prairie before it slaps to a shuddering halt up against the impassable Rocky Mountains. 


‘We’re havin’ a heat wave, a tropical heat wave’. This bloody song started to revolve around my possibly overheated brain but this could not be happening in Staffordshire, England. Unfortunately, I dislike that song almost, but not quite, as passionately as, ‘How much is that doggie in the window’. I really hate that one.


Any road up, I had to grip the steering wheel to drive home and buckle down to my strange and unaccustomed task of attempting to make an audio version of my first book, ‘My Army Daze’. Before starting any recording, I would have to exercise my voice for a wee bit. I usually start with, ‘Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross’ etc. I find that reciting ‘ Rum te tum, rum te tum, rumpety, tumpety, tum te tum’, gives an impression of a horse trotting towards Banbury (well it sounds like that to me) and, for some reason, it puts me in the mood to start my reading of the text for my story. Can you tell I don’t get out alone very often?


Anyway, I rose at 4.30 a.m. this morning to get stuck into my recording once more only to be interrupted again. This time by a ‘back to nature’ happening when a crash of thunder almost right above my head distracted me from my task. This was followed by heavy rain which signalled the end of our unaccustomed heat wave. I managed to spend some time watching this display of nature from my window before turning to my much interrupted recording task of, My Army Daze. I must soldier on.






Andy Wishart Page.

21 Jul


This is called ‘seat of the pants flying thingie’. I have launched the Andy Wishart Page where I intend to gather my rather ragged bits and pieces on facebook into a more orderly and professional area. Do I hear someone saying, ‘Yeah, right’?

Yes, you at the back there, I can hear you loud and clear. Unfortunately, you will have noticed my ‘seat of the pants’ remark. Never had a lesson in my life and I am now proving it. Best if I just shut up and have a go.

Later dudes,




The world’s oldest calendar discovered in a Scottish field.

16 Jul


I’ve been telling Billy the Pik that he should be more respectful when talking to a genuine Scottish lad like me. I told him about the recent discovery of the world’s oldest calendar found in a Scottish field but he was more concerned with greasy details of a huge English breakfast he had consumed when he was ‘down south’. It will end in tears.


7 Jul


Working on consolidation of fb sites. Bet you are impressed. Watch this space.Image

#LISSEN. The making of the audio book.

2 Jul


You gotta believe this – Billy the Pic is on my side, there will be no holding me now. He came over yesterday and gave me instruction on audio stuff. I am now experimenting with the ‘audio book thingie’. It’s all new and strange to me, as the soldier said to the girl. Should I tell Billy that I am kinda like Homer Simpson receiving knowledge? I refer to the disembodied shape (me) floating above the teacher’s head, singing ‘La, la, la, to myself while wearing a daft white gown instead of paying attention. Do you think he noticed? Time will tell.

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