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20 Aug


I must be getting old. While waiting for my p.c. to boot this morning. I idly looked through a rack of fairly elderly C.D.’s beside my desk. I guess I must be moving into the same elderly pattern as one C.D. from 1996 because I unearthed this one presented to me by one of my friends from that time.

The title is Baggs Patrick vocalist on, ‘Circus in my Head’ recorded in 1966. My good friend Susie Lewis gave me this disc when I lived in Colorado. She is featured playing fiddle on only one track but she plays it in her own, very special style. I used to joke with Susie, telling her that her ancestors must have come from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland where her style of fiddle music talent probably originated. Just to complicate things, I remember telling this to Susie when she was playing at the annual Irish Festival one year in Colorado.

It’s not so daft really, Scotland to America then playing Irish folk music, her talent could have evolved that way. Happy days. Geez, I must be sliding into a maudlin mode, better get some work done. Later dudes.  


Deja vu

14 Aug


This proves that I am not right in the head. I head my post ‘Deja vu’ which, as every schoolboy knows, is French for ‘already seen’. I then tell you to #LISSEN. Only proves what I said about not being right etc.


13 Aug


I think I may be getting the hang of all this – fings aint wot they used to be – writing sucks!


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