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#LISSEN – Dancing dog.

29 Oct

#LISSEN - Dancing dog.

The whole family has rhythm. Here is dancing Bella from Inverness doing the Golf Club shuffle.



23 Oct


This is a sneaky preview photo of my friend Billy the Pik playing lead guitar with The Shoos Bloos Band back in the eighties. This pic is from my second book, My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze which will be published on Amazon Kindle soon. Don’t tell me you have not yet read about my earlier adventures in My Army Daze by Andrew Wishart on Kindle. Geez.


#LISSEN. Robbed by Arabs at Devil’s Beef Tub!!

18 Oct

#LISSEN. Robbed by Arabs at Devil's Beef Tub!!

Shock-Horror. Young Scotsman robbed at sword point by a roving band of Arabs at Devil’s Beef Tub, Moffat, Scotland.

#LISSEN. McPukes Highland Adventures.

16 Oct



I am almost back in business again. New pc is installed and, as soon as I can figure things out, I will be able to send the text etc. for my new book, My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze, to be edited.  The past delay probably serves me right for slacking in the sun but it was so unusual in this green and pleasant land and I just could not resist it.

There was also the additional attraction of sitting in the sunshine while reading the book, McPukes Highland Adventures  while sipping the very refreshing Scottish product Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer, all very relaxing. Some days I got so relaxed that I even stumbled a wee bit before having a nap in the afternoon.

Nose back to the grindstone now – watch this space.

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