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28 Mar


The Country and Western area does not spring quickly to mind when you think of soul music. However, my advice is ‘to leave no stone unturned’ when it comes to soul stuff. This photo of me playing tenor sax with my rock ‘n’ roll band way back in the sixties may indicate that my taste for music certainly did not include anything remotely Country and Western.
At about the same time, Patsy Cline was singing, ‘Crazy’. A song composed by Willie Nelson. Try listening to that number then tell me it has no soul. Musicians have an old saying, ‘Some cat’s got it – some cats aint’. Nuff said. “What is that daft Scotsman talking about”? I hear you cry. Just lissen!!


#LISSEN. Sable says . . .

21 Mar

#LISSEN. Sable says . . .

#LISSEN I was telling my wee cat Sable about my progress with the teckie caper. I think I have managed to link my posts to my Amazon Kindle Author page;
However, Amazon says it will probably take up to 24 hours to register with the Author Page and get started. Sable and I are all agog (whatever a gog is).


#LISSEN. A walk in the woods with Bella the dancing dog.

20 Mar

#LISSEN.  A walk in the woods with Bella the dancing dog.

#LISSEN. Bella the dancing dog.
Spring has sprung – the grass has riz etc. Anyhoo, I was fed up sitting at this desk when the sun was shining and Bella was giving none too gentle hints that this would be a good time for walkies. She has a habit of nudging my elbow from behind just as I am creating what I reckon to be one of my good bits in a story. The sudden nudging interrupts my concentration and it does not take long for me to convince myself that me and doggie need some fresh air.
Bella decided it was squirrel chasing weather and she gave chase through the trees before I could catch sight of any squirrels at all. However, when she returned from the brief dash in the woods, she always gave the triumphant victory dance of the daft dog (see photo). I believe her anyway.

#LISSEN. The parrot story.

15 Mar

#LISSEN, During my rock ‘n’ roll daze, the band stopped at a country pub in rural Scotland for a wee refreshment before our gig. There was a parrot in a large cage on top of the bar.  The bird was very popular and quite the crowd pleaser, it called out several witty sayings from time to time which appealed to the regular customers.

Unfortunately, I failed to notice our bass player Stan Wilson encouraging the inquisitive bird to have a taste from his glass of whisky. The parrot suddenly gave a loud squawk from it’s perch and shouted “Is it a song you’ll be wanting?”, before it tumbled from its perch, dead drunk.

We all had to tumble out from the pub where the drunk parrot was lying on it’s back singing bawdy songs. We made a rapid getaway in our band wagon.






Wee Andy appears on the scene.

13 Mar

Wee Andy appears on the scene.

Wee Andy has arrived in a strange world.

#LISSEN. Copy of blog is heading to Amazon.

11 Mar

#LISSEN. This is very exciting. Sez who? Sez you – sez I. Well, it is very exciting for me but, as most of you will have realised by now, I am a bit of an eejit where teckie things are concerned.

This is a first for me. I am trying to link this blog thingie to my Author Page on We will see how that goes and, if there is any problem, and I really mean any problem. I will retire downstairs to open the box of medium dry white wine I purchased earlier this morning. That should hold me till I can drink a few pints of Guinness tomorrow evening before heading for bed. That may leave Thursday morning clear for me to have another go at this linking caper. Provided, that is, if I do not fall into bad company tomorrow evening which is the night I hang with my musician friends. Sometimes it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive – we shall see.

Can’t hang about here right now cos I must give this link lark a bit of a whirl to see what happens. Probably bugger all, we shall see.

Later Dudes and Dudines.


3 Mar

#LISSEN. I was busy last night writing memoirs about My Early Daze in wartime Great Britain when food, clothing, petrol and most other  things were strictly rationed. All rather depressing, I went to bed feeling rather down. I woke up laughing this morning when I remembered a Peter Sellars  recording made a few years after the war ended. On one track he recites,in a modulated English voice, part of a lovely poem by Rupert Brooke;

“The lies, and truths, and pain?… oh! yet
Stands the Church clock at ten to three?
And is there honey still for tea?”
― Sellars adopts an old lady waitress voice to reply,

“Honey’s off dear”.




#LISSEN. My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze

2 Mar

#LISSEN. My Rock 'N' Roll Daze

#LISSEN. My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze is about to join My Army Daze on the book shelve. I have a feeling – but it may just be a touch of gas. Oh dear.

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