#LISSEN. The parrot story.

#LISSEN, During my rock ‘n’ roll daze, the band stopped at a country pub in rural Scotland for a wee refreshment before our gig. There was a parrot in a large cage on top of the bar.  The bird was very popular and quite the crowd pleaser, it called out several witty sayings from time to time which appealed to the regular customers.

Unfortunately, I failed to notice our bass player Stan Wilson encouraging the inquisitive bird to have a taste from his glass of whisky. The parrot suddenly gave a loud squawk from it’s perch and shouted “Is it a song you’ll be wanting?”, before it tumbled from its perch, dead drunk.

We all had to tumble out from the pub where the drunk parrot was lying on it’s back singing bawdy songs. We made a rapid getaway in our band wagon.





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