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28 Apr


This week my choice is the English Rose, sadly, no longer with us, Dusty Springfield.

You may think she should not be included in my #SOULED OUT posts. However, try really listening to some of Dusty’s songs. I recently heard that, listening to Dusty was like listening to a black girl trying to sound like a white girl. Praise indeed. I also learned quite recently that Dusty’s Mum was Irish so she had a bit more than a splash of Celtic blood in her. That, in my modest Scottish opinion, would have accounted for the way she handled her singing talent. Try listening to Dusty again. PAY ATTENTION AT THE BACK THERE!

Apologies for being tardy lately. Thankfully, I have been really busy publishing My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze by Andrew Wishart on Amazon Kindle. My other and favourite excuse is because I have been watching youtube constantly. My good friend Bill Smith a.k.a. Billy the Pik has found an old video tape made circa1985 featuring The Shoos Bloos Band Image

in a wee clip. You can have a look at the clip on;     I am the good looking one at the back.


#LISSEN. Shoos Bloos.

26 Apr

#LISSEN. Shoos Bloos.

#LISSEN. Shoos Bloos 1985.
My friend Billy the Pik (picture), a.k.a. Bill Smith (my hero) has discovered an old amateur video tape. It’s shot at The Three Horseshoes Pub in Staffordshire, 1985. Clever BtP has extracted a clip of the Shoos Bloos Band (how exciting). Check it out at
I am the good looking one.


21 Apr


RIGHT – Write!

I hope you all enjoyed an Easter break and the cup of tea I promised.

It’s now Easter Monday and I have an announcement to make. There have been a few setbacks with the wee book,’My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze by Andrew Wishart. Sometimes I get a bit dizzy after a few ‘wee refreshments’. Old habits die hard and I get distracted by other happenings but, at last, my second book in the ‘Daze’ series is out there on kindle.

Here is the link –

It’s full of silly stories and daft happenings in the old rock ‘n’ roll world of the late fifties/early sixties. I even manage to end up in a pub during the eighties. What a surprise.

Have a wee look, you will learn about the drunk parrot – Duncan’s daft chair dance – The Tartan Rocker. I think you will enjoy it. ImageThis is how it all started…..




18 Apr

#LISSEN. It’s Good Friday. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and here am I scratching my .. STOP!! Must be positive today, no bum scratching or mind wandering today. Good things are happening around me and I have an important announcement to make about the launching of My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze book. I know – I know, you are all keen to learn more details about this happy event.

However, I must resist rushing into the launch ceremony, no hurry. How about just enjoying a cup of tea first? We can sort out details later.



#LISSEN. Souled Out #3

12 Apr

#LISSEN.  Souled Out #3

Newport Jazz Festival 1956. Charles ‘Chuck’ Berry appears at the jazz festival. Chuck performed with an amplified guitar (kinda novel at the time) and backed by a pick up group of veteran jazz musicians made up from some of the various jazz bands at the fest.

Chuck actually did his now well known ‘duck walk’ right across the stage while playing. The looks on the faces of the veteran musicians playing behind ‘duck walk’ Chuck seem to say it all. “Who does this guy think he is?”. Times were a’changing. Within a few months, Chuck Berry was known world wide but hardly anybody could remember the names of any of the guys in the pick up band.

#LISSEN. Souled Out. #2

4 Apr

#LISSEN. Souled Out. Number 2.

Billie Holiday singing ‘Lover man’ ( oh where can you be?). Or Billie Holiday singing anything! If this song does not set your heart to moaning then it should be dragged out and given a good spanking.

If I now seem to go off at a tangent, please bear with me (no pun intended). When I hear The Black Bear played by the Pipes and Drums of any Scottish Regiment, I just have to stop whatever I am doing and listen, can’t help it. The Black Bear is the pipe tune played by all Scottish Infantry units at the finish of the working day,Image regardless of the type of ‘work’ involved. I have attached a photo of The Pipes and Drums of The Kings Own Scottish Borderers playing The Black Bear in Malaya long ago.

How do I know they were playing The Black Bear? I know cos I was there – that’s me , the smart, good looking drummer in the middle.

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