#LISSEN. Souled Out. #2

#LISSEN. Souled Out. Number 2.

Billie Holiday singing ‘Lover man’ ( oh where can you be?). Or Billie Holiday singing anything! If this song does not set your heart to moaning then it should be dragged out and given a good spanking.

If I now seem to go off at a tangent, please bear with me (no pun intended). When I hear The Black Bear played by the Pipes and Drums of any Scottish Regiment, I just have to stop whatever I am doing and listen, can’t help it. The Black Bear is the pipe tune played by all Scottish Infantry units at the finish of the working day,Image regardless of the type of ‘work’ involved. I have attached a photo of The Pipes and Drums of The Kings Own Scottish Borderers playing The Black Bear in Malaya long ago.

How do I know they were playing The Black Bear? I know cos I was there – that’s me , the smart, good looking drummer in the middle.

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