This week my choice is the English Rose, sadly, no longer with us, Dusty Springfield.

You may think she should not be included in my #SOULED OUT posts. However, try really listening to some of Dusty’s songs. I recently heard that, listening to Dusty was like listening to a black girl trying to sound like a white girl. Praise indeed. I also learned quite recently that Dusty’s Mum was Irish so she had a bit more than a splash of Celtic blood in her. That, in my modest Scottish opinion, would have accounted for the way she handled her singing talent. Try listening to Dusty again. PAY ATTENTION AT THE BACK THERE!

Apologies for being tardy lately. Thankfully, I have been really busy publishing My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze by Andrew Wishart on Amazon Kindle. My other and favourite excuse is because I have been watching youtube constantly. My good friend Bill Smith a.k.a. Billy the Pik has found an old video tape made circa1985 featuring The Shoos Bloos Band Image

in a wee clip. You can have a look at the clip on;

http://youtu.be/rPiPIyug9Ho     I am the good looking one at the back.

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1 thought on “#LISSEN. SOULED OUT.

  1. For those of you not familiar with Dusty’s work ,check out” Dusty in Memphis” and one of the great recordings ” The look of love” on the Casino Royale sound track


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