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27 Jun


ImageLast night i joined my small group of friends who gather every week to listen to The Burton Big Band rehearse while we enjoy a few pints of the Irish stuff. A friend introduced a newcomer to the group and pointed me out to the new guy as ‘Andy the writer’. This was new and heady stuff for me and a nice glow started to spread through my body. Perhaps I was feeling so good about being a ‘writer’ that I did not pay full attention to what the new guy was saying when he started babbling in my ear. He was trying to impress me about his interesting family but he certainly got my attention when he said his brother was a pirate. I looked at him in disbelief, “Did he wear a big hat with a hooped ear ring in one ear and a black eye patch?” I said scornfully.  The new guy was looking puzzled at my question. He though I had not heard him properly and repeated that his brother was a pilot!

Well – bang goes a new fan for Andy the writer. My first faltering upward steps to fame and international recognition in the ‘writing’ caper have stumbled a wee bit. Tries hard – could do better. It might be a better idea for Andy to step aside and brush up on my homework on how to win friends and influence people. Here is link;   



22 Jun


A few years ago I was living in Colorado and planning to attend the Etta James concert in Denver with my friend Pat Zimmer. We were so disappointed when we learned Etta had to cancel the concert due to ill health.

First time I heard of Etta James was ages ago when a recording of the Johnny Otis Band was played on a BBC radio programme in the UK. This was quite an occasion, you would hardly ever hear that type of music at all on BBC at that time in the fifties. Etta was only singing with the backing group but she certainly made me sit up and take notice. She may have been buried in the background. But not for long!

I am just an old fashioned guy still using CD’s but I love to play the old Chess records of Ella. I quickly get lost down memory lane listening to Ella. Magic. Lots of people keep telling me to get lost anyway. Are they trying to tell me something?


15 Jun


This morning’s choice just has to be Aaron Neville, it is no coincidence that his beautiful voice is sounding as I write this. Magic is the description I have for that voice, he seems to appear and re-appear on the music scene during my life. How lucky can a guy be?

I love hearing Aaron sing Yellow Moon with the Neville Brothers. He even makes some of the kinda corny older numbers sound good, listen to, The Ten Commandments of Love and Mona Lisa. They could bring tears to a glass eye, magic stuff.

One of my very favourite numbers is a duet with Aaron and Linda Ronstadt, ‘Close Your Eyes’. As if just hearing the two of them together was not enough, a fantastic tenor sax plays a solo in the middle, geez!

Makes me think of the time when a stranger to New York asks a cop, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall”?  “Practice”, says the cop, walking away. For more news and stories about good stuff, check me out, here is the link;





#LISSEN. Penicuik Pipe Band 1953.

8 Jun

#LISSEN.  Penicuik Pipe Band 1953.

#LISSEN. This is where my troubles started. Sixteen years old in Scotland and already mixing with the big guys in Penicuik Pipe Band. Wearing the kilt, sporran pushed to the side to allow drum to be beat. (I am the good lookin’ guy). It was all downhill from there.

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