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#LISSEN. My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze.

29 Aug

#LISSEN. My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze by Andrew (Andy) Wishart is now on Amazon Kindle her is the link;

I have bin so busy finalising my latest masterpiece, ‘My Early Daze’ by Andrew (Andy) Wishart that I seem to have neglected my daft little posts recently. However, I am not at all sorry cos I have realised that I should really have been blowing my own horn (tenor sax if you really must know) instead of oohing and aahing about other folks. Let them do their own blowing(!) for a change. There certainly seem to be lots of them about if the amount of tweets and fb announcements arriving daily on my email site are anything to go by.

I have always been a kind of shy and retiring kinda guy but have decided to join the rest of the blowhards at last. If you can’t beat them etc. I have decided to blow my own figurative trumpet from now on and blatantly strut my own stuff, so there. I now have ‘My Army Daze’ and ‘My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze’, both from the ‘Daze’ series by Andrew (Andy) Wishart  available on amazon kindle. Here is the link;

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10 Aug

dfw-aw-mrnrd-cover-small#LISSEN – SOULED OUT
I am on a bit of a high this week. I recently released #2 in my ‘Daze’ book series on amazon kindle.
My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze by Andrew (Andy) Wishart. I have had some great reviews. Check it out on link;


#LISSEN. Advice for budding writers.

6 Aug

bB2kDdcR+VTogQWN0aXZlU3VwcG9ydDo6VGltZVdpdGhab25lWwhJdToJVGltZQ2UGRzA++IGhAY6C0Bfem9uZUkiCFVUQwY6BkVUSSIIVVRDBjsIRkAJ--09dfed4f0f6de0aedddd40e3b78b67aa57a57eb6Advice for budding writers. Just quit babbling and LISSEN! I was talking AT a guy last week over a coupla pints when I thought he interrupted to tell me his brother was a Pirate. I blurted out in disbelief,”Your brother! I suppose he wears a big black hat and an eye patch with a big gold ring dangling from one ear? Yeah right”. The guy just stared at me and looked puzzled. “I said my brother is a Pilot, what do you mean about the big black hat ‘n stuff”?

So. Get the facts right. Just pin back your ears (rings and all) and LISSEN.

See more sensible reading advice at;

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