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14 Sep

#KindleUnlimited#LISSEN. I think the game’s afoot. The gnomes are up to something or, should that read, the gnomes are on something? Freddie would know but he is probably asleep right now. Have just checked and noticed some suspicious activity there. It’s something about two of my books, My Army Daze also, My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze. What would I know, I am just a simple Scottish chap who may soon have to obtain a special passport to get into my own wee country. Oh dear.


#LISSEN. Independence for Scotland?

13 Sep

bB2kDdcR+VTogQWN0aXZlU3VwcG9ydDo6VGltZVdpdGhab25lWwhJdToJVGltZQ2UGRzA++IGhAY6C0Bfem9uZUkiCFVUQwY6BkVUSSIIVVRDBjsIRkAJ--09dfed4f0f6de0aedddd40e3b78b67aa57a57eb6dfw-aw-mrnrd-cover-thumb Independence vote for either YES or NO THANK YOU is being held next week in Scotland. I am now living in England, no longer a resident back home in Scotland and cannot vote. I have decided to pout a wee bit and keep busy by promoting a couple of my amazon kindle books, both of which are crammed with Scottish stories. I can guarantee the validity of the tales cos they happened to me and are all (mostly) true, only some of the names have been changed. Below is the link for my Amazon Author Page where you will find details and even have a wee, free read about The Great McDill, Alfie the scruffy soldier, Sweaty Singapore nights and other tales in My Army Daze serving with the Kings Own Scottish Borderers. Also stories about the Scottish rock music scene in the early sixties with The Blackjacks, The Fabulous Dukes, The Rikki Barnes All Stars, Andy and the Boppers and many more in #2 of the series, My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze. Check it out.


#LISSEN. What a stramash!

10 Sep

#LISSEN. The tension caused by the forthcoming vote re Scottish Independence is causing some odd behavioral actions in my normally calm personal habits. I am a Scot living in England and have at least a few English friends. However, last week I entered the bar of a local social club (just for a wee refreshment you understand). The two guys tending bar both called out a friendly greeting and a stranger standing there turned round to see who was this ‘Andy’ guy and why was I receiving all this attention. This guy was a total stranger to me but must have belonged the the ‘eejit’ clan of people who seem to like trying to join in with the trend. I was, as usual, wearing my shorts to show off my wee brown knees. The stranger assumed the bar tenders were about to chaff me about wearing shorts and opened his big mouth to in an attempt to get some attention, “Don’t tell me”, he shouted, “An Englishman wearing shorts in September?”  I responded with a loud wailing noise, clapped my hand to my head and staggered across the room  shaking my head in mock disbelief before making a dramatic exit through the door to the adjoining room accompanied by loud laughs from the two bartenders. I could hear the bartenders still laughing as they explained to the eejit that I always wore shorts and my distress was obviously caused by his assumption that I was an Englishman.

It was certainly a first time for me. The bartenders were still laughing when I returned to the bar to order my usual Guinness. The embarrassed eejit had left abruptly.

You can find out about many of my other embarrassing moments by following this link;


5 Sep


It’s not fair. Bella is not even my dog although I must admit I serve her dinner daily at 4p.m. There is no way to avoid my 4p.m. reminder cos she pushes my leg out of her way as she forces under my desk to lurk.  She is not being pushy, you understand, she pretends she is just being friendly. Yeah – right! The problem is that I am a Scottish Border man and Bella the dug is from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. So what sez you, are all the Scottish people not alike? Oh dear me NO, sez I. People from the Scottish Border area have a bad reputation, always drinking and misbehaving, even riding over the border with England to engage in a wee bit of cattle rustling (it is claimed). At the other end of Scotland you will find the Highland people (and their Highland dugs) who tend to cop an attitude and pretend to be rather special (no drinking on Sundays and all that stuff).   Well, you can see my problem. There is a culture division which splits our wee country right across the land. It’s called ‘The Highland Line’. Bella the dancin’ dug frae Inverness can dance the day away in some style (see illustration) while I am reduced to a servile level while shoveling the daily doggie dinner into he bowl – it’s no fair.

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