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#LISSEN. Bella the dog loves archaeology.

24 Nov


Following the ancient trail brought success for Bella the dog with a penchant for archaeology. Here we see Bella at the Church cave dwellings in Derbyshire, England. It had been a long trail to follow. Bella hails from Inverness, Scotland where she was rescued from a dog pound. I only mention her original location to let you know that wee Bella is a pretty smart dog.


#LISSEN. Farther adventures of Bella the dog.

17 Nov


Bella is very keen on archaeology. Here we see Bella on the history trail, risking possible danger in darkest Derbyshire seeking the fabled Church cave cliff dwellings. More farther adventures later.


13 Nov


I told you to fetch a stick Bella. Not half the damn tree. That will never fit to get through the gate. DAFT DOG!

LISSEN. Farther adventures of Bella.

4 Nov

Nine Ladies + daft dug-1

Bella from Inverness explores the Nine Ladies stone circle in South Derbyshire. She was obviously keen to inspect the ancient stones because she was in such a hurry that she forgot to remove her safety harness from the short car trip from East Staffordshire. I suspect she had grown fond of the red harness, she thinks it looks rather fetching. She has also fetched a stick and is trying to pretend she is not really interested in the stone circle.

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