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28 Jan


Yes Paddy. I think its time for a wee cup of tea. The difficult task is almost complete and my latest book in the ‘Daze’ series will soon be heading towards Amazon kindle. This is #3 in the series, My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart. It is full of wee daft stories from my growing up time in Scotland during wartime and beyond. There are tales of  airieplanes, Scottish guisers, Battle of Britain, conkers, The Picture Hoose, Wee Andy’s Big Fire, Drummer Boy Andy, The Pilgrims Progress, Ye dancin?, Dorothy, teenage angst, London, stinging nettles and lots of other stuff.

Its only a wee thing, as the soldier said to the girl. Keep an eye on; … for more details.

Well, I can see dawn is breaking in this grey land. I have had the ritual British cup of tea and will now head downstairs to brew my favourite drink of coffee, magic! Tonight is Guinness night for me. I will join Billy the Pik for a wee refreshment and discuss progress on my new audiobook venture where Billy has some musical ideas for linking my book chapters together. (He is really awfully clever and musical with it). More later.




16 Jan



Here is cover picture for my latest book in the ‘DAZE’ series. It is all about my early days as a wee boy growing up in wartime Scotland when Britain was being menaced by Mr Hitler (now no longer with us). This book is being formatted to e-book version for amazon kindle and should be available in a few weeks to be third in the ‘Daze’ series of My Army Daze and My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze. You can check out my activities on link;

However. No doubt you are all wondering about the NEW PROJECT ! I have decided to produce an audio version of this new book. ‘So what’ sez you? ‘So lissen’, sez I. I intend to narrate the entire story of My Early Daze myself. OOoooh ! After all, the wee, daft stories are all about my early life growing up in wartime Scotland so I think I should be the story teller, so there. I have finagled (look it up) my good buddy Billy the Pik of Shoos Bloos Band whose fame has spread from where he lives, right over to the little old lady who lives next door, and back again. Bill has offered (under pressure) to magic up some attractive musical thingies to link up the chapters in the book. He is presently working on some fine, original stuff to link tales like,’OOR AIRIEPLANE’, ‘PLEASE TAE HELP THE GUISERS’, ‘YES – WE HAVE NO BANANAS’,’THE DAY WAR BROKE OUT’, ‘THE PICTURE HOOSE’ and other exciting tales.

There now, a happy ending just for you. I hope you enjoy my wee stories, coming soon.


11 Jan


“Milkman ! Please leave 2 pints of milk and a packet of pork sausages at front of cave door. Thank you”.

Bella has had a busy day and wants to go beddie bye.

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