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27 Feb

strokecertfishing2 I WISH…

I wish I was a sailor boy

I’d sail way out to sea.

Oh no – I don’t. It’s bloody cold!

Oh deary, deary me.


Have just posted my Life after Stroke Award – Highly Commended – to my amazon kindle author page. Looks rather swish.

Here is link;

Can’t sit here any longer, I have to take Bella the Scottish dancing dog for a walk. It will probably do us both good.



p.s. Can you see the faint shape behind me in the pic? That’s Ailsa Craig Island off the west coast of Scotland. Also known as Paddy’s Milestone, next stop is Ireland. If you miss Ireland (and who would want to miss Ireland?) then the next land is The United States of America. Lucky me, I have good friends in both of these great countries.  ‘Oh I wish I was a sailor boy’…


24 Feb

strokecertThis is for any folks who might have missed my recent post. I think it’s kinda neat, so there.

Here is link for my author page (in case you missed it too).   Not too shabby really.



22 Feb

strokecertCome here a wee minute (notice how I drop into my Scottish accent when I have something to tell you). I have just scanned my Life After Stroke Awards certificate. It is HIGHLY COMMENDED and signed by ROYALTY!!! What do you think of that?

The big envelope arrived yesterday. I opened it with some trepidation, which I had noticed lying on a shelf, and there was my HIGHLY COMMENDED certificate! I had been unable to attend the rather swish Awards event to collect my certificate and the Stroke Association kindly scolded me gently before mailing my certificate.

The kind people at the Stroke Association say they will enter me again this year if I make an effort to produce something else for their consideration. Well, say nae mair (as they say in Scotland). I have just published my latest book in the Daze series, My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart and, as soon as I can work out how to use the Audacity software, I will narrate my version of , My Early Daze story in an audiobook version, can’t wait to hear that. Did I tell you I am awfully clever?  I have also started the fourth book in the Daze trilogy ?? My Colorado Daze. This book will lift the lid off my Wild West doings during my 22 years spent with my American friends.

Only a wee bit left, as the soldier said to the girl. I almost forgot to plug my amazon author page where you will find more details about my stuff. Here is the link;

#LISSEN. New pic.

18 Feb

big coo BIG SCOTTISH COO ! Illustration by Ken Roland from the Andy Wishart collection. This is the big Scottish coo that scared me and Ian Dunn at Halloween when we were ‘lifting’ turnips at night.

You can read the details by following my author link (it’s free);


13 Feb

dfw-aw-med-cover-thumb LISSEN. Bin bizzy and almost forgot to tell you, My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart is now published on amazon kindle. It is all about my daft growing up days in Scotland during wartime,here is link;    This will take you to my author page to see details about this latest book and others in the ‘DAZE’ series, freebies etc. Geez. Something else slipped my mind. Did I mention that I have been awarded a certificate from The British Stroke Association for my efforts as a survivour with the mostest (that’s not the proper title but you know what I mean). I did not win the area award in 2014 but my patient and understanding Stroke Visitor has entered me for the 2015 award competition. ‘I COULD HAVE BEEN A CONTENDER’. I have not yet seen the actual certificate, like the mythical cheque, it’s in the mail. We shall see. Later Dudes and Dudines.

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