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26 Apr

#LISSEN. I have a great excuse for inactivity. Too much sunshine here in the UK. I bet you have never heard that one before but it is true – honest. I should really be bent over (ooh!) my keyboard and typing furiously at my #4 in the ‘Daze’ trilogy series (yes, yes, I KNOW there should be only three in a trilogy). However, I have always been a bit of a trendsetter and I have decided to add one more book to the three already in my ‘Daze’ series. Wonder if anybody will even notice? Who cares??

#4 is entitled, My Colorado Daze by Andrew Wishart and tells of the friends I met during my extended stay in the Wild West of America. It describes the odd (some very odd) adventures I experienced in that great country. Here you will meet Hangin’ Dan, Eden the Terrible and many, many others and adventures.

You can check out my earlier stories covering early daze growing up in wartime Scotland, active military service and musical adventures by clicking onto this amazing amazon link;

I hope you enjoy the trip so far. On the other hand, I am heading out to brave the British sun for a wee while to ‘get my knees brown’, as we used to say when I was on active service in the Far East. Carry on.


#LISSEN. Make mine a pint!

22 Apr

paddy-tea My old buddy Paddy Killeen from Dublin City recommends a cup of tea to cure all ills. I will consider Paddy’s advice but can’t help remembering one daft evening when neither Paddy or myself had been anywhere near any tea beverage. Guinness was our choice refreshment during that merry evening and many pints were consumed in the pub. I clearly (well, kinda clearly) remember gate crashing a rather select society ball later that night by passing ourselves off as part of the catering team. Our plan to join in with the society celebrations started to rather fray at the edges when Paddy waltzed one of the blue rinsed ladies around the dance floor wearing my daft Scottish hat on his equally daft Irish head. We soon made a rather hasty exit, doubled up with laughter but trying to maintain our catering disguise by carrying a large punch bowl towards the exit. Oh dear.

#LISSEN. Good news.

8 Apr

booksgosocial #LISSEN. Good news.

I have been down in the dumps recently. ‘How come’ sez you? ‘It’s a techie problem’, sez I. When confronted by anything techie, I go all to pieces. This usually involves lots of whining and sulking on my part. I have recently installed software to enable me to record an audiobook version of my latest book of wry memoirs about me as a wee boy growing up in wartime Scotland. That was when Mr Hitler marched into Poland and plunged us into the Second World War, My book describing my involvement in this event covers my experiences from birth through to age eighteen. ‘My Early Daze’ by Andrew Wishart was published recently on Amazon Kindle. It is actually the first volume in the Daze series of my daft memoirs and now joins’ My Army Daze’ and ‘My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze’ on the Amazon Kindle bookshelf. My techie problem was my inability (I keep a tin of inability under the bed) to master the recording bit. However, the good news is that Bella the Scottish Dancing Dog may have accidentally brushed against my audio equipment by dancing excitedly under my desk (told you she is daft). I have hired a techie chap to check this out and hope to have good news of progress soon.

Wry memoirs of a wee boy growing up in wartime Scotland.

Wry memoirs of a wee boy growing up in wartime Scotland.

Bella the daft Scottish dancing dog.???????????????????????????????

Amazon Kindle

#LISSEN. Pic of Sable.

5 Apr

#LISSEN. Picture of old blue eyed Sable. My beautiful but non cuddly Colorado cat on the deck just a few days before we had to part.  Sable is now with my friends on a farm in Nebraska. I am now in sunny Burton upon Trent in the U.K. the land of rain and grey skies. It’s a funny old life.Dads Pictures 028

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