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LISSEN. Great Idea!

31 May

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Pic 1. Wee Andy – 2. Wee soldier Andy and – 3. Wee rockin’ Andy

LISSEN. I had this great idea when I woke up this morning. Can’t quite remember it now so I have filled up the empty space with a few pics from my books, My Early Daze, My Army Daze and My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze. I think my great dream idea had something to do with a big hat. Memo; locate big hat gifted to me by my good friend Dave Shawver before I left Colorado. To do – Have pic taken of me wearing big lucky hat, insert pic into next post. Right, better get busy with big hat idea. In the meantime I will give you my amazon kindle link in case you need to check out my profile details:

p.s. forgot to tell you I am busy with a new idea for a book of short stories. These humerous stories feature Wee Andy McNab who will be no stranger to you and include fictitious tales of Andy’s daft doings with Hangin’ Dan, Eden the Terrible and The Porn Queen of Denver. These are tales of fiction – (or are they?).

Later dudes and dudines.



#LISSEN. Anniversary.

12 May

#LISSEN. Today is the anniversary of my first day in the army – 60 years ago on May 12th 1955. ‘He seemed very important as he marched towards me, full of purpose, shit and vinegar. Just then, a distraction caught his easily distracted eye, he stopped and pointed to a vehicle parked in the bus station. The van was painted in army khaki colour with a huge red cross on the side. For a moment, I feared I would be transported to a secure location in this vehicle but it was not to be. “That’s an ambulance, that’s for sick people“, Private McDow proudly informed me. This man should go far, I thought, as far away from me as possible. If this loony man, who had a face like a dog’s bum with a hat on, was to set the standard for my future companions, it did not fill me with a great deal of hope for the future two years’ service to which I had been invited. I did not seem to have much to look forward to’. Andrew Wishart. My Army Daze (Kindle Locations 253-255). Andrew Wishart. You can find out the rest of my military adventures plus later musical happenings and even earlier stories by checking out this link;


10 May


These words were sung to accompany the old bugle call in the British Army to summon the ‘janker wallahs’ for duty parade cos they had been naughty boys.

My anniversary for the day I joined The King’s Own Scottish Borderers is only two days away. It was May 12th 1955 when I reported for training at the depot in Berwick upon Tweed. I managed to make them believe I was a good soldier and avoided being a defaulter several times by the skin of my teeth, as they say. After completing basic infantry training, I was sent to join the regiment in Northern Ireland before we boarded a big old troopship at Belfast and headed out to sea for active service in the Far East and the biggest adventure in my young life. No point in me babbling anymore, you can read all about it by following this link;

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3 May

It’s May – time for the Celtic Celebration of Beltane when we look forward to summer. When I was a young man (OMG he is going to rattle on about ‘the good old days’), we used to hire a coach to take a crowd of us merry makers from my hometown of Penicuik, Scotland to the Beltane Celebrations in nearby Peebles where the ‘mis-rule’ activities went on all night long. The coach would park out of the way till we would emerge blinking in the morning light after a night of drinking and dancing in the old Scottish fashion. In the year 1573 the Corporation of Peebles in the Scottish Borderland ‘doubled the watch on the even and also the following Beltane day to control festivities’.

A good time was had by all of us in the old Scottish Fashion. You can learn more of our old Scottish pastimes if you follow this link;  You can read about Halloween, Guisers, Body Snatchers and other old Scottish customs.

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