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29 Jun

My scans #LISSEN. Perhaps I am not ‘right in the heid’. I type #LISSEN. when I really want you to READ something. Never mind. Here is pic of the old street well in my hometown of Penicuik, Scotland. It is situated slap in front of the equally old pub called THE RAILWAY TAVERN which was my main ‘watering hole’ during my youth and for some time beyond. Both the old well and old pub are featured in my recently published book, ‘My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart. Stories and pics are featured in my book. Link; Just thought you might like to know that.



26 Jun

#LISSEN. LAID BACK.   Yes, dear readers (or just reader). I am so laid back and lazy that I am pasting in a review for my book #2 in the ‘Daze’ series,Front cover Thumbnail

Funny and Serious, 6 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: My Army Daze (Daze series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
I don’t normally read personal accounts but this appealed to me as it was written by an ordinary soldier called up to do his national service as opposed to a self certified all action hero. Andrew has told the story very well. I was both fascinated and in awe of the things he and his comrades had to endure and was really pleased that there was no glorification or embellishment with unrealistic action scenes like most books of this nature. I read it with a smile on my face as he turned it into light-hearted banter even in difficult circumstances. A truly down to earth, realistic account told as it was. Well done Andrew.
What can I say!

#LISSEN. Good news (for me).

20 Jun

#LISSEN. Good News received.

I have just received the o.k. from Andy Schmidt. Owner of Sheabeens Irish Pub on Chambers and Iliff in Aurora, Colorado. I had approached Andy to make sure it was o.k. for me to set my daft wee short stories in and around Sheabeens Irish Pub and Andy has given me his blessing to go ahead. I have already started (at 2 a.m. this morning !) featuring wee stories about the doings of Wee Andy (me) and various past and present patrons of the famous Irish Pub. We have Hangin’ Dan, Eden the Terrible, the daft Irishman Poag Mahoney, the great singer and guitar player Dick Frost (much in demand for Christmas shows)scan0079  All characters are fictitious (or are they ?). You can read all about it soon. It is all good, clean fun – bring the kiddies.

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10 Jun

Can you hear that scratching sound? It’s only me being dragged into the 21st century;#‎LISSEN‬. Boy Scouts Be Prepared; #LISSEN.

#LISSEN. Boy Scouts Be Prepared.

7 Jun

#LISSEN. Boy Scouts Be Prepared.

girvan That’s wee Andy on left, marching on bathing parade at summer camp in the west coast of Scotland. He had recently lost his Dad to cancer and things were a bit tight, unlike his kilt. It was a wee bit too long but his Mum had said he ‘would grow intae it’. Wonder if he would have marched so determinedly if he had been aware of adventures ahead? You can check out Andy’s daft ups and downs at;

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