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#LISSEN. Tea time with Bella.

18 Jul

bella making her dinner Tea time with Bella.

Pic of Bella looking for digestive biscuits for Tea Time when we visited her and my son in the Highland cottage overlooking Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. She often swam in Loch Ness but there is no record of her swimming with ‘Nessie’.

I am now back down here in the English Midlands with nose to grindstone writing stories for my forthcoming book, Tales from the Frontier Daze Pub by Andrew Wishart. Coming soon and full of tales and mis-adventures of our hero Wee Andy as he meets Poison Ivy, Eden the Terrible, Hangin’ Dan, the one armed waitress and many other characters from his stay in Colorado in the Wild West of the United States. Watch my Author Page on Amazon Kindle for further news;

Back to grindstone. See you all next week.


#LISSEN. Sublime to the Ridiculous.

10 Jul

coolcat3andy5The sublime to the ridiculous. Andy being a cool cat, then we see how the artist sees him. Note beer bottle on the speaker.

I say, look here, is nothing sacred? A chap can dream can’t he?

#LISSEN. Do I hear a trumpet?

8 Jul

andypre-warWee Andy wearing rather natty beachwear attire at seaside in Scotland circa 1940.

#LISSEN. Time for a wee bit of trumpet blowing. Somebody else’s trumpet this time;  By Dee Faust on July 3, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Andy Wishart has done it again. I was captured by the world of a young boy and his “crew” on page one and was not let go throughout the book. Wee Andy and his “crew” remind us of the power of the imagination and how, long before video games, cartoons or even television, children relied on their imaginations to create a world of excitement and fun, even while living in a world of rationing and nightly black outs to avoid being seen by the fighter planes that flew overhead. Adult Andy writes in a conversational manner with descriptions of events so vivid that you can feel the poke of the nettles in the field – and actually smell the smoke as the airplane burned. I normally do not like the third of anything – particularly the third book in a series of books. I have to say that I believe “Early Daze” is my favorite of the Daze series. Well done Mr. Wishart. I want more!

#LISSEN. Progress.

5 Jul

#LISSEN. Progress.

scan0079 I am making progress with my collection of fictional (or are they?) short stories of the adventures and misadventures of Wee Andy in and around Sheabeen Irish Pub in Aurora, Colorado. So far, I have covered (OH!!!) Poison Ivy, Hangin’ Dan, the Topless Waitress on Crutches, Eden the Terrible and others. You can check my progress and see what else is on offer at my author page;

Have a nice day.

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