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#LISSEN. When Opportunity Knocks.

29 Aug

Andy Wishart 2


When opportunity knocks, put your beer down and grab your chance with both hands. I recently created a little splish of stardom publicity with a local newspaper. The first thing I did after publication was to relax and have a few beers with my friends. WRONG !!! I should have had more than just a few beers and really enjoyed myself. Oh yes, of course, the amazon kindle book sales graph blipped a few times over the next couple of days,all very exciting but what I should have done was push my marketing effort a bit more firmly to take advantage of the free publicity.

I guess I had forgotten the old days when I joined a small company based in Birmingham (No, not the one in Alabama – bin there – done that. I mean Birmingham, England). The small company was called Marketing, Design and Display Ltd. My marketing instinct must have been quite sharp then cos I returned from an appointment with Scottish and Newcastle Brewers Head Office in Edinburgh with an order for 5 million printed beer mats. Not too shabby eh?

‘What has that got to do with book sales?’ I hear you cry. ‘#LISSEN’ sez I. Its all to do with basic marketing you see. Any daft bugger can string a few words together to write a book. The real task is just beginning. This is when the marketing part enters the scene. It is no good sitting back on your bum after writing your great book and waiting for the book sales to roll in. I guarantee that is a sure way to disappointment.  Marketing effort kicks in here. Actually, good sense dictates that you should really start trying to identify possible book markets before you even consider sitting down to write your book.

Of course, you might decide just to have a few beers instead. Its up to you.

Here is a link to see part of my marketing effort;

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Tales from the Frontier Daze Pub.

17 Aug


Here is the cover for my current book ‘Tales from the Frontier Daze Pub’.

This is a book of short fiction stories (or are they?) featuring the adventures and mis-adventures of ‘Wee Andy, A recent arrival from Scotland who is attempting to settle into the Western lifestyle by making frequent visits to the Sheabeen Irish Pub in Aurora, Colorado. You can follow the antics of Wee Andy as he weaves in and around the social situations at this well known Irish/American Pub. Coming soon on Amazon Kindle.

You can check out other books by Andrew at;

#LISSEN. Is this the BIG TIME ?

9 Aug


I think it may have started.

Andy Wishart 2This pic was taken at a recent interview with a local newspaper when I was encouraged to babble about my books, life and everything. This was followed by a nice write up in the newspaper. Could this be the start on my road to fame ‘n stuff ?

You can see what is happening at this link;

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