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#LISSEN. Disc in sky!

26 Sep

Andy at sea.

#LISSEN. A huge yellow disc has just appeared over the horizon. What can it be? (voice off) “It’s the sun ya daft wee Scottish bugger”. It’s all coming back to me now, I think I saw something like that once before but it was a long time ago. It makes me feel like jumping and singing. I could really do something brave and exciting this morning.

Oh. I wish.

I wish I was a sailor boy

I’d sail way out to sea.

Oh no I won’t.- It’s bloody cold

Oh deary, deary me.

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#LISSEN. How it really was.

20 Sep


#LISSEN. How it really was.

Young friend recently asked if I had ever done my National Military Service way back in the ancient 1950’s? My friend said, “Of course, you National Service guys were not really soldiers and probably did general duties like cleaning pots and pans in the kitchen for your couple of years service”. WRONG! After basic infantry training I served on active service in Malaya with a famous Scottish fighting regiment The Kings Own Scottish Borderers. My young friend said, – “Oh”.

Above is a pic of Jock Winton and me just back from patrol against Communist forces in 1956. I am the good looking one.

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#LISSEN. Bill Speakman. VC. 1/KOSB.

9 Sep

Bill Speakman. VC. 1/KOSB.

This morning I heard a scrap of an old recording of Bill Speakman, Victoria Cross when he was interviewed by BBC after being awarded the Victoria Cross by Queen Elizabeth way back in the fifties. Bill said that the Queen was doing a bloody good job of being our Queen. Bill had done a bloody good job of being a British soldier when he was involved in some hair raising feats of valour with The Kings Own Scottish Borderers in close hand to hand fighting when vastly outnumbered in the Korean war.

I actually served in the next Far East outing by 1/KOSB in Malaya during the mid fifties but never had the opportunity to meet Bill Speakman who was then probably doing a bloody good job as Recruiting Sergeant in Edinburgh. Pity.

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