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#LISSEN. Big Scottish Coo at Halloween.

31 Oct

big coo

It was the night before the old Celtic festival of Halloween in Scotland during World War 2.  I had ventured out in the dark to filch a large turnip from a local farmer’s field. We had never seen or even heard of pumpkins. Our Halloween lanterns were traditionally carved from turnips. I had just found a large turnip in the moonlight when I heard something move close by. Startled, I straightened up to see what I thought was a monster coming to get me. I panicked and fled.

Luckily I was still gripping my turnip tightly when I realised the monster was really just a big Scottish Coo looking curiously over the wall and illuminated in the moonlight. Scary. I almost had an accident in my short Scottish trousers (I was only 8years old then) but made it home safely.

The next day I carved the turnip lantern, placed a lighted candle inside it before joining my young friends as, ‘The Guisers’. We then  visited our neighbours with the traditional cry of, “Please tae help the Guisers”.  We would then troop into each house to entertain our neighbours with a song or poem recitation by each individual Guiser. We might be rewarded with a small bun or cake each. No sweets/candies available during the wartime rationing.




20 Oct


Down Memory Lane with Andy.


I wish I was

a Soldier boy

I’d go abroad to fight.

Oh no, I won’t

I’m bloody scared

Might wee my pants – with fright.

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11 Oct



Bin Bizzi!

I am busy writing my short fiction stories for current book (above). I got seriously sidetracked yesterday when I pulled a book from the shelf to check a location. ‘Journey to the High Southwest’. A traveler’s guide to New Mexico which I bought in Taos, New Mexico during my first visit there in 1988. I guess I have been under the spell of ‘The Land of Enchantment’ since then.

I could not resist reading again about Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque, the Rio Grande and other delights. I really neglected writing the farther mis-adventures of Wee Andy and friends in Aurora, Colorado. There was Hangin’ Dan, Poison Ivy, The Stuttering Salesman, Eden the Terrible and many others. ‘Tries hard – could do better’. Sorry.

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4 Oct

dfw-aw-fd-cover-thumbAndy Wishart 2


It was dark when I switched on my bedside radio this morning. Instead of writing more stories for my upcoming book I heard the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas from a recording made during a lecture tour in the United States in 1950. Dylan is pleading with his young lady love back home to write a letter to him. A piano in the background is played by Fats Waller, his vocal follows right behind Dylan’s urgent request for a letter. Fats finishes with, ‘I’m gonna sit write down and write myself a letter. And make believe it comes from you’.

Two late and great artists from different fields. Magic! I was so impressed that I completely forgot my good intentions to get on with the bloody writing. Och well.

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