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28 Nov


Billy the Pik came over to see me last Tue. We planned to discuss musical/daft links between chapters for an audio book version of my latest book, My Early Daze. Bill brought his latest recording thingie to show me. It is a super dooper wee recorder, the TASCAM DR – 05. An ideal piece of easy to use techie stuff for non-techie guys like me. I ordered and bought one as soon as Bill left and got it next day. I am well pleased with my new toy which is more than I can say about my voice which sounds on play back as if I have a heavy cold. Perhaps I just always sound like that. Oh dear. Gotta do some wood shedding on voice. Will use the big Greenhouse.




14 Nov


#LISSEN. To produce an audio book.

Select a rainy day with high winds. This makes it unlikely for others to hear you. Wear boots cos it will be muddy walking round the large lake behind the Barton Marina. Start marching round the lake shouting at the top of your voice,”HOW NOW BROWN COW?” Etc. Half an hour of this sort of caper will make you fairly hoarse and produce a husky, sexy voice suitable for recording.

Bet you thought voice recording was easy.

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