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30 Dec
Wee Charlie

Wee Charlie , taken suddenly drunk, tumbles into monsoon drain.

How will you spend New Year’s Day?
Way back in the 1950’s I served with 1/KOSB in Malaya. Being a Scottish Regiment, we were withdrawn from service to celebrate New Year’s Day. Here is wee Charlie with a bad haircut pictured at the bottom of a large monsoon drain. He was so pissed on New Year’s Eve that he was still not firing on all cylinders the next morning and stumbled into the drain where he spent the next few hours trying to work out how to escape. Daft days – good memories. You can read all about this and other daft stories in my book, My Army Daze by Andrew Wishart. Here is link;


#LISSEN. White Christmas.

20 Dec

#LISSEN. Remember when it used to snow at Christmas in this country?andysnow

Here is a pic of daft young Andy posing as a Frontiersman on a holiday break visit to our home built Boy Scout hut in the Scottish countryside beside the North Esk river. This was taken around 1960.

Right now I am living in England and it is a couple of days till Christmas but flowers are blooming outside in the garden. I’m not at all sure if I really am daft now but the weather sure is weird.

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#LISSEN. Always the Bridesmaid . . .

15 Dec

#LISSEN. Always the Brides Maid – Never the Bride! scan0100

Don’t get me wrong guys. Always the Brides Maid . . . was the first thing that came into my mind when I received this Highly Commended Award for Creative Arts from the Stroke Association for 2015. That’s two year’s in a row. Reminds me of my schooldays when I used to see ‘Tries hard – could try harder’.

Just watch my dust in 2016. I will release my latest book, ‘Tales from the Frontier Daze Pub’ and quickly follow it up with my audio book version of  ‘My Early Daze’. My old friend Billy the Pik has offered to play some musical links between chapters, (he is awfully good, you know). We have already worked out some daft tunes for chapter links, ‘Oh – I do like to be beside the seaside’, ‘Yes – we got no bananas’, ‘Fitba Crazy’ and, ‘Come Fly with me’ to name but a few. Our daft antics and ideas for these chapter links at least brighten up these present gloomy, wet wintertime days here. It keeps us off the streets and we don’t frighten the horses!

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13 Dec


Andy wandering off down Memory Lane again to Shoos Bloos Daze in Staffordshire, England.

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