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#LISSEN.Mud Slide Horror inEngland.

26 Jan



Andy Wishart, a little known Scottish writer of wry memoirs received a shock during his healthy morning walk yesterday. He observed a large muddy area in his path and decided to move to higher ground to avoid the soggy danger. Unfortunately, he only managed to take one step onto the grassy slope when his right foot slithered backwards in the mud below, depositing him safely onto the wet grass incline. He managed to maneuver himself onto his back but was unable to get any traction with his feet still in the mud.

He spotted an approaching walker exercising his dog and tried to attract his attention by waving his arms and shouting for help. His shouting and wild gesturing from the horizontal position aroused only suspicion in the short sighted walker who immediately called his dog. He secured the leash to the wee dog before leading her safely away from what he thought a potentially dangerous situation.  The selected rescuer had mistaken Andy’s shouting and gesticulating for the act of a drunken Scotsman lying babbling on the grass and decided to avoid what he assumed to be a dangerous situation.

Andy was eventually rescued by a couple of Christian Samaritans who managed to help him onto his feet before escorting him back to their car when they drove our hero into the village where they deposited him, by request, at a nearby pub.

Mr Wishart was recently nominated (unsuccessfully) for the Award for Creative Arts from Life after Stroke Awards 2015. Here is the link to learn about his wry memoirs and past mis-adventures;



9 Jan

#LISSEN. Progress with audiobook version of My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart.

stroke15andydrummer Andy has come a long way since his first appearance with Penicuik Pipe Band in Scotland way back in 1953. He has been awarded (yet again) the 2015 Life After Stroke Award and is now making progress with the audiobook version of his book ‘My Early Daze’ by Andrew Wishart. He is also busy with his first book of short fiction stories set in the Wild West of Colorado,’Tales from the Frontier Daze Pub’. This book features the adventures and mis-adventures of our fictional hero, Wee Andy. Check out Andy’s other works @


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