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#LISSEN. Memory Lane – again.

24 Feb


Talk about going down Memory Lane – go on then, talk about it. I seem to talk about it all the time.

Here is an old black and white pic of my first band, Andy and the Boppers. Taken about 1961/2 or thereabouts. Dig the old fashioned amp in the middle of band. It actually had glass valves and we were very proud of it. We used to wear snappy band jackets at that time before the scruffy casual style came in. The band had nice yellow jackets, Suds the singer supplied his own tartan jacket until we managed to buy a blue mohair suit for him. I was playing tenor sax then and wearing a blue jacket tailored from ladies coat material which was quite unusual in Edinburgh at that time. Stan the bass player is actually wearing my yellow band jacket which I had to donate when I kept expanding the band to get the sound I wanted.

Pay no attention when people talk about the good old days. We just had to make it up as things went along. To find out what else we did then, just follow this link;



#LISSEN. Away down memory lane.

14 Feb


I am away down memory lane again. Can’t help it. I was watching re-runs of some BBC shows from the 70’s last night. I thought one of the singers appearing on The Old Grey Whistle Test show back in the 70’s looked kinda familiar. Suddenly it all came back to me as the sailor said when he peed into the wind. It was Willie Finlayson from my hometown of Penicuik, Scotland. I knew both Willie and his father Geordie Findlayson who served with the Kings Own Scottish Borderers during the war. Geordie was awarded the Military Medal for bravery during the hard slog endured on the long haul over Europe to bring the war to a successful conclusion.

The above pic shows Willie in action at the mic singing with The Fabulous Dukes around 1960. He looks young and impressionable here but he sometimes had a tendency to appear driving his motor bike directly onto stage when the band was busy playing the intro into his next vocal.The fans loved his act which became a popular and dramatic entrance. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of exhaust fumes generated by his ancient motor bike practically obscured the band and, reluctantly, Willie had to drop the idea. Luckily, I had left The Dukes at about this time to join The Blackjacks in Edinburgh and so escaped the stifling pollution.

You can read even more of my daft stories by following this link;


#LISSEN. Fame at last?

4 Feb


Still pic taken from an amateur  video shot at The Three Horseshoes Pub, Staffordshire, England long, long ago.

Amateur historians can check it out at this link;

That’s all folks.

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