Laura’s Easter Eggs.

Laura always arrived at the Frontier Daze Pub on Easter Sunday morning. Laura was attractive, energetic and optimistic and with a good supply of hard boiled eggs. She usually chose a table in the corner where she would produce paints and brushes from her ‘goodie bag’.

The painted eggs would slowly grow in number just like the clientele of Sunday morning beer drinkers would grow as most people were enjoying a brief holiday at Easter weekend. Laura would assemble them (the painted eggs, not the customers) in little artistically arranged groups on the bar and tables. This added greatly to the Easter atmosphere in the pub.

My friends were playing pool and I was chatting to Laura, admiring some of her painted eggs, she selected one egg painted with a smiley face design and placed it onto the pool table for fun.

My friend (name withheld) had been talking to the other pool players with his back to us. He turned around with cue in hand and spotted Laura’s egg positioned near one corner of the table. He laughed, lent over the table and potted the egg into the pocket. We all joined in laughing, I guess we had all consumed more than a couple of beers by then. I bent over to rescue Laura’s painted egg when it would re-appear with the other balls but no egg or anything else appeared. Oh dear, trouble ahead. Suddenly, the rest of the pool players remembered they had all arranged to be elsewhere that Easter afternoon. No prize for guessing who got the blame for the painted and potted egg stuck inside the pool table.

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