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#LISSEN. Beltane Celtic Festival.

30 Apr

Nine Ladies + daft dug-1

Beltane Celtic Festival .

A  genuine Neolithic link to the old times is  Nine Ladies Stone Circle, Derbyshire, England.

Lovely, bright and faithful Bella crossing the Pre-historic Stone Circle fetching a stick.

Tomorrow is 1st May. Time for old Celtic festival of Beltane. This used to be the time when the cattle were herded up to a sacred hill and driven between two sacred fires to ensure they would have a healthy and productive season ahead. General celebrations would be held after the winter and a good time was had by all.

Beltane is not much celebrated now but I understand Edinburgh, Scotland has revived the old festival in grand style. I was born a mere 10miles from Edinburgh but I recall looking about 13 miles in the other direction to Peebles in the Scottish Borders for festivities when I was a teenager. The pagan celtic festival of Beltane has been going for thousands of years but the earliest written reference to Peebles is dated 1571 where,’The corporation doubled the watch on Beltane even, and the morning after Beltane Day to control festivities.

Our merry band of 18 year old assorted Celts always hired a special coach to take us to Peebles for Beltane. We would head for the festivities to hear the Pipe Band and watch the processions before heading for the pubs and late night dances. The hired coach parked beside the river Tweed to await our scattered return to the coach in dribs and drabs during the early morning. A nominal head count would be taken of the sorry heads before we headed back for home. Any missing revelers would just have to wait until the regular bus service started later in the day. A good time was had by all.

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12 Apr


This is my ‘DISCOMBOBULATE’ look. Not to be confused with ‘DISCOMEDUSAE’ which is an order of jellyfish with flattened umbrella.

This is how I felt yesterday after I had used my very own version of the famous Copy and Paste operation to add my Author Page domain name on my Amazon Kindle Book Page to my rather swish new website. Apparently, the required method is very difficult and confusing and I am afraid my techie experience did not come up to scratch as they say.

Not to worry. I have received guidance regarding the necessary procedure (something with lots of secret numbers, forget the first number you thought of, turn round three times etc). Kinda baffling but I will try.

Progress report shortly.

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