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27 May



This is one of the first sights I saw when I returned home to Scotland after a wee 22 year visit to Colorado USA. I think it was just having a curious look at the car as I approached but I stopped rather abruptly on the dirt road, just in case. You never know.


#LISSEN. Every Little Helps.

20 May


Every Little Helps.

I was recently visiting friends near Loch Ness in Scotland. Picture was supposed to be of me posing in holiday mood but just look at what popped up behind me!

The fact that I was just visiting the area at the beginning of the tourist season is pure coincidence.

#LISSEN. Missed anniversary.

14 May


It was my 61st anniversary of reporting to the depot of THE KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS REGIMENT at Berwick on Tweed on 12th May 1955. It was the beginning of my 2 years National Service for basic infantry training before being sent out to Malaya during what was called ‘The Emergency’ during the troubled 1950’s.

The following two years was packed with world travels, lots of daft experiences, friendships, excitement and general growing up activities of an eighteen year old Scottish guy abroad for the first time. The Regimental saying is,”Once a Borderer. Always a Borderer”. I guess I still am.

This pic shows Jock Winton and me just back from patrol and probably a wee bit smelly.      I am the good looking one.

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