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25 Jun

countryboy Andy’s Early Daze as a country boy. I am off down memory lane again.¬† I wish things were still that simple. Yesterday the U.K. voted to leave the European Community and this morning the country seems to be a bit shell shocked! It’s not my fault, I voted to remain with Europe but approx. just over half of this country voted to leave. Why does that remind me of 1939 when Britain stood alone against the Nazi hordes baying for our blood just across the English channel. (Yes, dear reader, I was around then but only two years old).

We shall see.



12 Jun



I have just been invited by Crystal Radio in Penicuik, Scotland to record a reading from my #1. e-book in the ‘Daze’ series, My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart. Mum used to call me Andrew cos she said it sounds more sophisticated than Andy, but I guess she was the only one to call me that.

Talk about going down memory lane? That’s exactly what I have been trying to do lately but actually recording the stuff sounds easier than it seems. I regularly resort to using “Oh shit”, when I make a mistake.This often happens if I get annoyed and mispronounce a word. Oh dear. Thank goodness my friend Billy the Pik has suggested a method where I can signal the area on my recording where I have (yet again) used a sweary word by mistake. He can then erase my mistake and substitute my correct wording instead. BtP is not only a great guitar player but he is awful clever as well. Did you know he is from London?

I am not quite as clever as BtP but CAN point you towards the amazon kindle link for details about my books;

I am also working on my new website. Good luck with that. It’s under construction now but should (maybe) improve soon;

Must get back to my recording. Later, Andy.

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