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29 Jul


Ah yes, the good old and very familiar Shit Creek. Here is an early pic of young Andy paddling bravely up Shit Creek and well aware of the large black eels nibbling curiously at his bare wee Scottish toes now submerged beneath the home made raft. Situations like this were to become a familiar experience for Andy as he paddled gamely along life’s many Shit Creeks.  How about the time when he was chucked out of the kids Saturday Matinee for bad behaviour (sad case of mistaken identity). Then there was the time when he was offered a job with good prospects in Birmingham,England (not to be confused with Birmingham, Alabama where he was almost lynched after entering The Leopard Bar). Andy had been hired by a business consultant as a Sales Executive but soon found the business was owned by two alcoholic brothers who had been sacked from the navy for indulging in too many pink gin’s instead of their regular naval duties. They carried on with their drinking habit in civilian life and quickly ruined the business and almost did the same for Andy.  Happily, he managed to transfer to a proper job just in time to continue being able to make the monthly mortgage payments.

You can check out farther adventures of Andy’s UP SHIT CREEK situations by checking out my ‘DAZE’ series of books at these links;  also, also,

Best wishes for successful foraging along Shit Creek.

Andy Wishart. Made in Scotland.




23 Jul

scan0134 #LISSEN. What fun we used to have in the Irish pub in Colorado where you could always count on a jolly evening with friends. How I miss these good times.


13 Jul

Phew! I had a request from Radio Crystal station up in Bonnie Scotland for a reading from my book, My Early Daze. Just finished recording and have been checking 50 odd (some very odd) files for fluffs etc. This is an amateur attempt on my part and have to enlist the aid of my buddy Bill Smith (aka Billy the Pik – he is a great guitar player) to edit out all the bits of, “Oh S…” exclamations from me. This is probably where the hard work begins. Will advise progress later – much later.
Wee pic of wartime Andy at the seaside.andypre-war


10 Jul

andyfish GONE FISHIN’.

Letter to Kevin P.Mulvihill, Somewhere in Virginia, USA.

Dear Kevin, I have actually finished recording, My Early Daze book for the radio company. How will I edit all the sweary words I have made when I record a mistake and say, “Oh shit”, during recording? You are the only techie guy I know, apart from Bill Smith or Billy the Pik as we call him cos he is also a great guitar player. Can’t bother BtP right now cos he has just sold his house and probably has nowhere to go. And I think I have problems?

This looks like another fine mess you have got me into. I would be just as well to go fishin’ like I used to do in my carefree days when I was a wee boy in Scotland.

Please advise. You can contact me at the links below.

Gone fishin’

Andy Wishart.  (Made in Scotland).





3 Jul


Andy Wishart 2

Letter to Kevin P Mulvihill, Somewhere in Virginia, USA.

Dear Kevin, What a fine mess you have got me into. It was you who suggested I should write down some of the stories I used to tell you about my early daze over a pint (or several) of Guinness.

I now realise you were probably just telling me to shut up in your quaint old tactful Irish way to enable us to make a night of it and sink more Guinness. I have never been one to refuse another Guinness (or two) but your suggestion to write my wee stories has now got me in a fix.

I have had a request from a commercial radio station in Scotland to record readings from, ‘My Early Daze’ memoirs of my growing up days as a wee boy in Scotland during the second world war. The station would like to feature it on their weekly book programme.

This morning I concluded the recording with a story about my part in an amateur dramatic show when I had to dress as a sailor boy about to leave his sweetheart to go on a perilous mission into enemy territory. This is where the ‘Fine Mess’ comes in. After the show, we all went to a local pub to celebrate being ‘actors’. Unfortunately, I was still wearing my sailor uniform in the pub and had forgotten to remove my stage makeup. I will leave the rest to your very active imagination!

Please advise.


Made in Scotland.




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