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27 Aug


This tip is a winner. You can build a wire bridge across Shit Creek (see illustration of wee Andy actually crossing a wire bridge).

The astute reader will have realised that you will have to paddle across Shit Creek in the first place to build a strong anchor on the opposite side for the wire bridge. I did not claim that this solution would be easy. Avoiding being stuck up Shit Creek in life looks so easy sometimes and you can be ‘right in it’ before you know it. There is never a handy signpost pointing, ‘NO ENTRY’ to Shit Creek.

I have more or less finished my recorded version of ‘My Early Daze’ by Andrew Wishart. I hope my sloppy attitude to organising the recorded files for my audio book version is not leading me relentlessly towards Shit Creek again. I will have to ask Billy the Pik for help with stitching the audio files together in a businesslike fashion before sending the audio version to Crystal Radio in Scotland where they intend to include my readings in their book programme. BtP is very bright and techie inclined (he is also a bloody good guitar player).   I am sure that I should be able to avoid falling into Shit Creek with his help.

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18 Aug


I was advised to take a right here, not sure if I can avoid Shit Creek though. We shall see.

I have finished a very amateur recording of my book, My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart, for the Radio Company in Scotland. Editing out all my rude words uttered in exasperation when I ‘fluffed’ took ages. Memo, no swearing in future will help to avoid getting stuck up Shit Creek. All I need to do now is get Billy the Pik to bash the files together in an orderly fashion until we have an audio version of my wee book. This will help me to avoid Shit Creek where I am certain to to get stuck if I try to do it myself. Softly, softly, catchee monkey. Just you wait and see.

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9 Aug

tablemountain HOW TO AVOID SHIT CREEK. Here we see young Andy taking evasive action to avoid yet another Shit Creek situation. Andy is all at sea avoiding any possible ‘ShitCreek’ unpleasantness. Here we find Andy aboard the good troop ship Dunera while visiting Cape Town, South Africa for the day. That is Table Mountain in the background.  Andy’s voyage started on Singapore Island then on to Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Cape Town and Dakar before dropping anchor at Southampton in the rain. I guess Andy is off visiting Memory Lane again. This time he is avoiding an unpleasant Shit Creek happening at Suez Canal.

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