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23 Sep



Looks like another Shit Creek ahead. This time with an Eastern flavour. It’s obviously an old pic. Could it be to remind me of My Army Daze in the Far East when wee Private Tommy Flanagan fell unexpectedly drunk one Hogmanay  and tumbled into a deep monsoon drain. The drain was so deep and wee Tommy was so drunk that he could not climb out again. We were all far from sober and unable to offer much help.It might as well have been another Shit Creek.

However. My personal Shit Creek has been avoided this week. Billy the Pik rode over the hill in shining armour and employed his techie skills to pull me from the mud and managed to format eight of my chapter recordings for my amateur audio attempts at making an audio book for My Early Daze. I promised to create and send an audio reading to Crystal Radio in Penicuik, Scotland to be aired on their regular book club feature. Only another eighteen chapters to format. Nae bother.

Andy Wishart (Made in Scotland).

Wee Charlie

Wee Tommy, taken suddenly drunk, tumbles into monsoon drain.


Series of interesting wry Daze memoirs from Scotland. Youtube link ;


#LISSEN. Avoid Shit Creek – win a prize.

4 Sep


andybridge1 I TOLD you avoiding Shit Creek could be rewarding. Here is pic of young Andy with a prize awarded for successfully by-passing a treacherous creek in the Scottish Highlands. Andy is clutching a prize can of Tennents Super Lager. He sure looks happy.

More good news. Billy the Pik, ace guitar player, will be coming round this week to start the ‘techie stuff’ required for stitching all my little audio files together. Could this signal the completion of the audio version of my wee book, My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart (Mummy used to call me Andrew – nobody else ever did. Oh, I forgot. One cute girl always called me Andrew but that is another story for later). The audio version of the book is for a reading at Crystal Radio up in Scotland. Perhaps this will be my chance to shine.

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