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#LISSEN. Oor airieplane.

30 Oct


Here is a painting of ‘Oor airieplane’ by Ken Rowland. I had discovered this old abandoned aircraft hidden on waste land when I was a wee boy growing up in wartime Scotland. This pic kicks off the wry memoirs of My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart. An e-book on Amazon Kindle. This is the book which I am presently recording for a commercial radio station in my native Scotland. My amateur recording effort is frequently beset by my sailing up unexpected Shit Creeks.  Luckily, there is a happy ending in sight. My hero, Billy the Pik, has come to my rescue. Apart from being a first class guitar player, Bill is awfully clever and solves my many techie blunders when I stray into life’s Shit Creek situations.

The end is nigh. Check out these links for more info;

Andy Wishart.


Series of interesting wry Daze memoirs from Scotland. YouTube link ;                (Made in Scotland).


12 Oct


Here we see yet another Shit Creek monster lying in wait to pounce on the unwary traveler. Luckily, Wee Andy with the help of his trusty friend, Billy the Pik, has once again avoided contact with the waiting monster. Billy is aware that Wee Andy is technically challenged and arrived in time to help him avoid the time wasting ‘techie monster’. Billy the Pik muttered some strange incantations while moving his agile hands in a mysterious fashion. Then, LO. A total of 11 chapters of Wee Andy’s attempt at making an audio version of his book, My Early Daze, appeared as if by magic. Andy was so overcome with this magic show that he quickly escorted Billy to the nearby pub where he generously ordered a few pints of beer to celebrate. Details of farther progress for that day have not been received.

You can check to present state of affairs at the following links;

Andy Wishart.


Series of interesting wry Daze memoirs from Scotland. Youtube link ;


1 Oct


Just picture the situation. Here you are. Quietly paddling along and quite happy with your progress in life when you mistakenly take a wrong turn and enter yet another one of life’s Shit Creeks. ‘HERE BE MONSTERS’ !!!  Did you not see the warning sign on the map??


Never fear – Andy’s here. Just follow the advice I gave to anyone careless enough to blunder accidentally into a patch of stinging nettles while roaming merrily through the Scottish countryside. “RUN AWAY”. This sound advice plus many other tales of my early life growing up in wartime Scotland can be found in my book, My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart.

An audio version of My Early Daze by Andrew Wishart will soon be broadcast on Crystal Radio in my home town,  Penicuik, Scotland. I have narrated this all by myself (with more than a little techie help from Billy the Pik, my guitar playing friend Bill Smith). This is my first attempt at recording my wee tales so you will get me, warts and all.

Links to this book plus details of farther daft adventures trying to avoid life’s Shit Creeks as I trace my progress in, ‘My Army Daze’ and ‘My Rock ‘n Roll Daze’, can be found below;

Series of interesting wry Daze memoirs from Scotland. Youtube link ;

Andy Wishart. (Made in Scotland).



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