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#LISSEN. More tips to avoid trouble in Shit Creek.

6 Jun

#LISSEN. If you are wandering along one of Scotland’s Shit Creeks and, of course, minding your own business while mentally composing a nice and romantic wee piece of poetry but are rudely interrupted by a bunch of thieving Arabs, then please take this advice. Quietly but quickly remove wallet from your back pocket and hand it to one of the thieving bastards. They will soon be quarreling among themselves while trying to count the money. They look like a bunch of posers anyway and will hardly notice if you slip away quietly to contact your mates who are just out of sight round the bend in the creek. You and your buddies will soon knock seven kinds of shit outa this bunch of phonies and you will soon have your money returned plus any monies of their own. There you go – another Shit Creek situation avoided and a happy and prosperous ending just for you.

You can learn more tips for avoiding life’s Shit Creek situations by following the link for more info;

Andy Wishart.     (Made in Scotland).


Series of interesting wry Daze memoirs from Scotland. YouTube link ;

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