Never mind the driving rain. True art appreciation laughs at rain during the Edinburgh Festival. In spite of all the fun and games, it is still possible to wander innocently up yet another Shit Creek. My old friend Dave and I were strolling about the Fringe area when I noticed a guy standing very still above us pretending to be a statue displayed on a plinth. His make up and clothes were very convincing and statue like and I pointed him out to Dave wondering aloud if he was advertising one of the shows in the Fringe. The ‘statue’ shuffled uncomfortably on his plinth till he could face us directly. “Sod the festival. It costs money to get made up like this. It’s not a free show just for you guys. Put money in the bowl”. Well, the penny dropped, but not into the bowl, if you get my meaning. He was just a beggar bumming money from the visitors and had no connection to the actual Festival but was using the free show for only his begging activities. We moved away rapidly from the beggar who brought a bad taste to my mouth. We had to take refuge and also alcoholic refreshment at the nearby Wee Windaes Resturant and Bar in Edinburgh Old Town. Well – honestly!

You will find some of my wee, wry stories from nearby wartime Penicuik, Scotland in ‘My Early Daze’ by Andrew Wishart. This book has been selected for broadcasting by Crystal Radio covering the Midlothian area of Scotland. Also soon to be available in audio book version narrated by ME!

Andy Wishart. (Made in Scotland).


Series of interesting wry Daze memoirs from Scotland. YouTube link ;

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