#LISSEN. Further mis-adventures of Wee Andy McNab in the Wild West.

Wee Andy is approaching yet another Shit Creek situation where. ‘Here be Monsters’.

Now read on.

My quiet contemplation was rudely disturbed by the sudden appearance of yet another new arrival that evening. A strange looking but attractive and apparently willing young lady suddenly elbowed her way to the bar. She pushed right between Bonnie and me.  “Hi y’all” she beamed at me. “Ma name’s Eden” she said in an almost, but not quite, Southern accent. “Is she your main squeeze?” she indicated with a jab of her head towards Bonnie.

I almost swallowed my beer down the wrong way. Before me stood a young, attractive woman who seemed to be attracted to me. She had suddenly appeared, without the aid of much, or even any, makeup. She wore a strange green outfit of a heavy cotton shirt and long baggy pants which could either be taken for an odd fashion statement or possibly a woman’s uniform from an open prison. There actually was just such an establishment located nearby. Another puzzling habit seemed to be the way she was continuously tugging at a rather odd looking thick red plastic bracelet on her wrist which, perhaps, should have given me a clue concerning the strangely dressed attractive looking woman’s recent location.

Follow my regular posts for further details of Wee Andy’s Western adventures.




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